Grooming Policy

Please read before making an appointment, by booking in your pet, you agree to these conditions;



Before the Groom-

Cancellation of Grooming Appointment / No-Show 24hours notice is required for grooming cancellations/rescheduling so we can fill your appointment.


 **Please note that if you cancel without significant notice or do not show for your appointment, we are still required to pay staff and loss of income for an appointment we could have filled! Please note a reply to our SMS reminder service may not class as enough notice


*** Please toilet your dog before bringing, a long walk is best (before appointment time please) As we run by appointment only please ensure you are on time (if this is your first session please arrive 5 minutes early to discuss grooming). We are unable to take dogs that arrive more than 10 minutes late to appointment, as we are appointment only need to run on time for all clients


During the Groom-

Full groom takes about 3 to 4 hours depending how we run the day. 

Please note we do not allow non-staff members to stay while grooming dogs for safety reasons.

Ear Cleaning Policy- Due to our discussions with Veterinarians in the recommendation of ear health we have the following policy; Cleaning and removal of hair will only be done to the external parts of the ear.  Any signs of infection or inflammation, we will not touch the ears unless advised to do so by a Veterinarian.

Teeth Cleaning Policy-  We will only brush teeth and not remove plaque or tartar as advised to do so by the AVA (Australian Veterinary Association)

Flea Control Policy-  Your pet may be sent home with a cleaning fee, if found to have fleas during the grooming session.  All Pets should be on a flea control program, at all times of the year.

Existing skin conditions can be exposed with de-matting and clipping of your pet.

Sharp scissors, clippers around you pets jumping around can cause injury to your pet, there is always a rare chance of cutting your pet’s skin, and with de-matting, a higher chance.  Please be aware of this.  I do all in my power to avoid this from happening.  All cost associated with Veterinary attention are the pet owners/agent’s responsibility.

The price can change at any time at groomers discretion, based on condition of coat, fleas present, dog behaviour. (usually the quote is correct or close)

Dogs will get excited if you are nearby so please come on time, not early to pick up, if you must be early please stay out of sight if pet is too excited we may not be able to finish neatly and risk of injury rises.


After the Groom-

Daycare fee- If you can not pick up your dog after groom within 1 hour, daycare fee may apply.

Please note payment is at pick up by cash or EFTPOS. As a small business . we do request all payment need to be made when you picking up your dog.

Please note if there are any problems with the groom before you leave.

We recommend re-booking your regular grooming at pick up to avoid disappointment.