(Grooming services)  FAQS

Can I see the facility before I book in?

Absolutely, Mr. Teddy Bear is proud of its clean, pleasant and safe facility. All dog parents are encouraged to visit the facility before making any bookings. It is desired that a phone call is made to arrange a visit however an impromptu drop by during business hours is acceptable as long as staff are free to show you around.

How frequently should I have my dog groomed?

Long coated dogs should be full groomed every 4-6 weeks to ensure their hair does not get matted and /or cause skin problem and etc. maintenance groom (Hygiene Clip ) is highly recommended to have in between full grooms to keep everything tidy and clean.

How long does the grooming process usually take?

The grooming process usually takes 3-4 hours. At Mr. Teddy Bear your fur baby is not rushed through the grooming process, time is taken to make sure your dog is thoroughly cleaned and brushed out. Mr. Teddy Bear deplores the practice of cage drying; all dogs are gently hand dried with fresh & clean towels and fluffy dryer . Only once your baby has been completely dried will the grooming process begin. Scissors are the Mr. Teddy Bear groomer’s primary tool of choice and generally are used for the entire grooming process. Once the groomer has finished cutting and shaping your treasure the finishing touch will be applied, a spray of doggie cologne. At that point, we'll give you a call to advise that your baby is ready for pickup and you can call in to collect.

Can I stay with my dog during the grooming?

Unfortunately this is not permitted dogs are calmer and better behaved for grooming when the owner is not present. When the owner is present the dog is so focused on the owner that the grooming process becomes disrupted and the risk of injury to the pet becomes greater. Often a dog will bark and try to lunge off the table, become very excited with the idea of his/her owner coming over to pat him, this increases risk and adds a higher degree of difficulty for the groomer, who is working with sharp tools near and around the dogs eyes and other tender body parts, and it is essential that the groomer have 100% of the dog's attention at all time, as without this the risk of unnecessary accidents will increase.

Will my pet be sedated?

Mr. Teddy Bear never sedates pets, nor are pets accept that have been sedated. If a Pet is truly uncooperative or made uncomfortable by the visit to the parlor, the grooming may be stopped and you will be notified of this but at no time will Mr. Teddy Bear ever sedate your pet.

Why does my dog shake in fear going to the groomers?

This is a very common occurrence in grooming salons and vet clinics around the world, it can be caused by a variety of things including rough or poor treatment of the dog during a visit at one time, it can be caused by bulling by other dogs and in the case of going to a vet surgery the memory of having once had an injection there can cause fear and concern in your baby. At Mr. Teddy Bear there are surveillance cameras running 24/7 and should you have any concerns, you are welcome to request to see the CCTV footage.

(Daycare services)

Can my dog attend a trial and meet the staff first?

Yes!  In fact a meet and greet is a requirement to attend day care at Mr. Teddy Bear, sometimes new arrivals  are a bit shy and a visit to a new environment can be scary at first similar to a child on their first day at a new school. Staff at Mr. Teddy Bear try to take the stress out by making the first day a fun filled adventure, they will play with the newbie making the transition to this new place as stress free and smooth as possible.

 What does my dog need to attend day care at Mr. Teddy Bear?

  • A current C 5 vaccination
  • Worming, flea treatment and tick control up to date
  • Your dog must be desexed ( after 6 months old)
  • A completed inspection at our facility

Does Mr. Teddy Bear accept all breeds and sizes

Yes! Everyone at Mr. Teddy Bear  is chosen not only for their skills and abilities but it is an absolute prerequisite that they have a love of dogs in all shapes and sizes. Some of the team consider themselves “breed nerds” so please don’t be surprised if they try to guess the breed particularly if it is an out of the ordinary.

Will my dog be fed while at day care?

Mr. teddy Bear carries a variety of treats options that are often used to reinforce positive behavior so that is a “yes” depending of course on the dog and any dietary limitation and only with the owner’s permission. Due to the energetic nature of their play and activities, we do not feed dogs full meals unless on request.

What if my dog isn’t great around new people / dogs?

Dogs attending daycare at our facility do need to get along with other people and dogs, it is expected that all guests have social skills. But we understand some dogs are a bit shy and stressed when first meeting new people/dogs and a new environment, this doesn’t mean they should be left alone because social skills are only developed with interaction so please give us a call or email us to make an appointment we can chat about the options to get your fur babies on the road to joining us.

 At Mr. teddy Bear all dogs are important and staff just love meeting new comers, you and your dog come first for at Mr. Teddy bear and there is nothing better than getting to know new people and their lovely pets. During the initial consultation there will be discussions about things such as your pup’s likes and dislikes, play styles and most importantly your expectations of the services offered by Mr. Teddy Bear.