Doggie Daycare

Brisbane's Premium Doggie Daycare

We offer size separated  INDOOR & OUTDOOR facilities where your fur babies can socialise
and interact with others of similar size in a relaxing and fully air-conditioned environment.

The Mr. Teddy Bear day care has been designed to provide a level of doggie day care never before seen in Brisbane, you can be assured that your cherished family members will love and enjoy their time there.

So much fun to be had!

The Daycare that your special children can play, excise, and make friends in a clean, safe and positive environment,  supervised by caring and trained staff while you are at work or away from them for the day.


  • Divided daycare playgrounds providing suitable playmates based on the size, temperament and activity level, this ensures all dogs will safely enjoy their stay.
  • All daycare playgrounds are themed with natural looking environments to give your cherished children a place to romp and play while they are staying with us. Purpose built playing equipment's to suit different sized dogs.
  • There are schedules for the daycare with dynamic and fun activities including supervised group playing session with heaps of toys and facilities ,individual attention sessions with loads of love and attention from our caring and considerate daycare attendants (please see an example of detailed schedule in the following content)
  • Specific learning and playing facilities (eg: agility equipments etc).

Daily Activities

Our Packages

  • Grooming clients only need to pay half day rate $40 for a full day play 
  • Hourly care rate $13 ( If you need a look watch out for your dog for a quick going out
    eg : shopping, meeting, appointment ) 
  • Please note: Drop off/ Pick up within 1 hour will be charged as an hour rate. 

Mr TeddyBear welcomes your dogs but please note:

  • Dogs must be vacinated
  • Must be de-sexed if over 6 months old.
  • Dogs must have flea & tick, heartworm, intestinal worm treatment
  • Have a friendly temperament with dog friends and humans.
  • Seniors and puppy schedules may vary to incorporate more rest breaks.
  • Operation recovery also available for dogs that require resting or to be kept under constant surveillance following a vet visit. This must be reviewed according to the needs and requirements of the guest and the vets instruction.
  • Mr. Teddy Bear is not a veterinary service and does not offer any form of medical service, individual and constant care such as sitting with a recovering fur baby will incur additional costs.