Milk Spa Treatment

         Our Signature Milk Spa + Massage treatment

  • Our signature milk spa bath with premium and natural shampoo
  • Full massage with activated charcoal and essential oil scrub
  • Gentle and warm blow dry
  • Professional brush thoroughly 
  • Nail clip & file 
  • Ear clean & pluck
  • Essential oil dog cologne spray

Milk Spa  is also called Microbubble Spa: the water looks like milk color as the microbubbles generated by the spa system


Microbubble Spa Therapy is Great for

  • Dogs that have skin allegies, sensitive skin, and flea allergies will definitely enjoy our Microbubble Spa Therapy because we do not use any harsh shampoos or detergents. The Microbubble Therapy does not need added products and can deep clean without irritating the dogs skin. Our Microbubble Therapy is great for replenishing the moisture in your pets skin and help them in recovering from itchy skin issues.
  • Our Microbubble Dog Spa Therapy is also great for dogs that are recovering from injuries. The bath is nice and gentle and your dog will get extra special attention. It is a soothing reward after a trip to the vet.
  • Too much down and dirty fun at Beach? The Microbubble Therapy Dog Spa treatment will take out all of the extra dust, dirt, and dander that has built up in your dogs coat. The microbubble dog spa treatment is for rough and rowdy dogs too!

What are Microbubbles?

Microbubbles are very small bubbles, much smaller than Jacuzzi bubbles. To qualify as “micro”, a bubble must be less than a 1000 micrometers in size. This allows them to penetrate hair follicles and skin pores while not passing through epidermis.

dog milk spa micro bubble spa treatment natrual skin treatment

Why microbubbles are creating a revolution for dogs have sensitive skin and an extremely natural deep cleaning treatment.

Because the microbubbles are negatively charged, they attract and remove positively charged particles, such as dust and pet dander, and bring them up to the surface. When generated in high density, the microbubbles produce many negative ions. They also collapse in water pressure, creating shock waves. With our Microbubble Wash System, the production of ions and shockwaves happen in a constant cycle at the rate of a few hundred times per second, providing a pleasant stimulation for the skin.

dog milk spa microbubble spa natural skin spa treatment organic skin allergic treatment