Grooming preference form


  • Everything included in Bath service
  • Ears plunk. no pluck situation: puppy if gets too overwhelmed , sensitive ears, infected ears
  • Scissoring bum area ( remove hair around anal area)

Full Groom

  • Everything including in Hygiene service

Please provide us as much information and specific information as possible! For example, if you do not like shaving between eyes, please tell us not to shave between eyes. If you only mentioned trim eyes, we will do our standard here which is shave between eyes with #10 and trim around eyes, we call it opening eyes up.

As everyone's preference and expectation is different, it would be great if you can provide us some reference pictures. Please keep in mind, every dog's face and body shape is different, coat texture and thickness is different too. We will not be able to do exact the same as the model dog you show us, even the same dog between puppy to adult time, their bone structure, coat and colour can change over time.